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A marketing or business strategy


Normally one would start the business planning process by developing a business strategy.  From the business strategy you can evolve it into a marketing strategy, production strategy and so on. 

With many companies the starting point is the marketing strategy, as the owner understands what the business is there to do, but has difficulty in deciding how to market the company.

Constructing a strategy appears a relatively simple exercise on paper.  It normally consists of three steps.

Where are we now?

Where do we want to be?

How do we get there?

It sounds simple, but in order to do it properly, it does get more complicated.


Where are we now?

This seems a relatively simple question, but do you really know the answer.  Do you know your relative shares in the market place, what your competitors are doing, what sort of pricing they are using, and how their products and services differ from yours?  How do customers rate you against your competitors?

We use systems for measuring factors and influences.  STEP (Social, Technological, Economic, Political) measures the external market forces in action, while SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) measures both the internal and external forces acting on your company.


Where do we want to be?

The vision of the company.  The market share you would like, the way in which you want customers to view you against the competition, the long-term aspirations that you have for your business, perhaps you have them, but they’re not written down let alone communicated to your workers.


How do we get there?

The planning process.  Consideration of external factors.  How will your competitors view the changes that you will need to make in order to achieve your objectives, and what are they likely to do to stop you.  After all, you are probably going to look to grow at their expense, and they won’t take that lying down, would you?

Economic factors, availability of labour, and many other factors that will need to be considered in any changes that you want to make to your business and the way in which it is run.


When you start to consider these other factors, the process doesn’t look quite as simple as it did.  In fact it can become very complicated, if the planning is done correctly.

KCA Marketing has many years of experience of helping businesses through the planning process.  Of producing robust and creative strategies, and of helping businesses to grow.  If you need help and assistance, please contact us.

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