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To become more customer friendly


Oh, if only everyone thought we were the best thing since sliced bread, wouldn’t life be so much easier.  Customers would flock to our door, demanding to be sold our products and we could laugh all the way to the bank.

But how do we get customers to like us.  In most instances, the trite answer is to send our front line staff on a customer care training course.  An admirable solution, but not necessarily the whole solution.

Caring for Customers is something that should pervade the organisation.  Everything should be aligned to ensuring that every contact the customer has with the business is pleasurable.  And we do mean every contact, not just when our staff interact with the customer.

Branding, adverts, letters, emails, telephone calls, personal contact, solving problems, customer service, our products and services, and so on.  In fact everything we do must be critically looked at to ensure that we always portray the correct image.


This includes our internal systems.  One should never hear someone saying to a customer that someone else has done something wrong, or that the system won't let them do it.  The major concern of the present day is the computer system, and the fact that this system won't let the human face of your organisation do something of benefit to the customer.  Whose fault is that?

One might think it was the computer programmer who wrote the system and didn't give the right powers to the user, but in fact it's the person who scoped the project for the computer programmer who is likely to be at fault, or at least his manager.  For ease of use, certain, unlikely to happen, options have been left out.

All very well provided that the organisation understands which options have been left out, and why, and passes that information on to the user so that they portray the right image when dealing with the customer.

KCA Marketing have been carrying out image management for businesses for many years, and can provide reviews, courses and training in all aspects of customer interaction.

If you would like a quick overview of our services in this area, and pointers towards immediate improvements that you could make easily and cheaply, please contact us.

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