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To make people / businesses more interested in my products or services

Do you know what your customers think of your products and services? 

How well are you servicing the marketplace and providing products and services that customers and potential customers want and need? 

What do the people who buy your products do with them.

If you don’t know the answers to these questions, then it must be difficult for you to know what would interest your customers.

The immediate need is to find out what your customers do want from you, and even to find out what your potential customers want.  This information would enable you to target the right benefits from your products in any promotional campaign.

Alternatively, you could look at whether your products and services are the right ones.  Does the market you are targeting really want those products and services, or something different?

Answers to these questions will lead to solutions to your problems.

Perhaps you need to change the promotional messages you have been using.

Perhaps you need to change the products and services that you offer, or at least modify them to meet customers demands.

Or perhaps you are targeting the wrong markets for the products and services that you have.

In any case, you need the information before taking any decisions.

KCA Marketing can help to structure the information gathering exercise, and then to devise the strategy that will take you and your business forward.



As an example, Black & Decker decided to look at the sort of market that they were in. 

This was many years ago and their main product line was electric drills, so they had an inbuilt theory that people went out looking for an electric drill, and Black & Decker was the market leader, therefore they were successful.

On further reflection, they came to the conclusion that what the customer really wanted was a hole, they didn't necessarily want an electric drill.   As long as the customer could produce a hole, they were happy.

They weren't providing the customer with an electric drill, but with the means of manufacturing a hole.   So if a competitor came up with another method of producing a hole, the electric drill could be redundant.


This changed the way that they looked at the marketplace and the type of marketing message that they should use, in fact it changed the whole ethos of the company.

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To make people / business more interested in my products / services
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