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There are many areas where your image could be improved, or more correctly, managed, so that clients and the general public have a better feeling for you and your company.

They are too many and varied to go into in any detail here, but cover the visual aspects of how you communicate with your customers, letters, adverts etc., your people and their dress, vehicles, products and services, in fact image covers everything you and your company do.

Have you ever been cut up, or overtaken recklessly, by 'white van man', where the van is emblazoned with the name of the company, and thought I'm not using them again.  So do other people, so consider the possible results of your  actions before doing anything.

Most people consider image to be something to do with design, or the company logo, but in reality it embraces the ethos of the company.  It is different from branding, as that is purely a visible aspect of the company or product.


KCA Marketing Ltd have been instrumental in improving the image of a number of Hotels, where the visual impact of the property and the way it is cared for can have a tremendous impact on the visitor.

In fact the first impression, gained in less than 10 seconds, is very powerful, and if it's wrong it will take a lot of work and effort to correct it.

Providing your staff with ‘customer care’ training is only a part of providing a managed image package.

Remember that telling your employees to be nice to customers to raise your image is not enough, you need to treat your employees in a way that will tell them that you value them before you can expect them to promote your image.

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