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Software which will improve the productivity of my people

To many businesses, the obvious answer to internal problems is to computerise, to bring in software that will solve problems.  In many instances this does nothing more than create new problems, problems you could well do without, and ones that take the eyes of both your and your staff off the main business.

Computers are tools that you can use to assist your business.  Similarly, software suites are tools that can be used on computers to assist your business.  Computers and software should not drive your business, and you should not need to make changes to your operations purely because you have installed software.  Changes to processes should be made because the business will benefit from them, not because you have new software.

So the first question is what processes are you looking to automate, and is purchasing software the most appropriate method of achieving that automation.


As an example, is it better for your business to purchase and run accounts software yourself, or to employ an Accountant. 

There is no simple answer, and every business will be different, but just because one solution costs more does not make it the least cost effective.  Staff time is expensive, and using valuable time to undertake tasks that can be outsourced may not be the most cost effective answer.

You must look closely at the problems that you have, and decide on the most appropriate solutions to those problems, before considering whether to implement those solutions.  Remember, if you do purchase and install new software, your staff will have a learning curve to circumvent, and their productivity will suffer in the short term as they get to grips with the new systems.

In the short term you will lose efficiency and effectiveness, and you must be sure that the subsequent gains that can be made are worth the short-term pain.

KCA Marketing does not have ties into software houses.  We can be totally impartial, and assist you to find the most appropriate solutions to your problems, whatever they may be.

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Software which will improve the productivity of my people
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