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Training in the use of the software packages on my computer


There are two main routes to getting training in the use of standard packages on your computer.

A standard course

Normally upwards of 1-day duration, which covers all aspects of the software package.  This type of course can lead to a formal qualification.

There are many companies who provide this type of course, primarily targeted at Microsoft users.  They will normally have a training centre with a number of dedicated PCs, allowing classes of between 6 and 20 to be accommodated.

While these courses will provide an overview of the software, and may well go into more detail depending on the nature and length of the course, they do follow a set syllabus.  Thus everyone on the course gets taught the same things, regardless of whether they need to know everything or not.  They are a good start point to find out the full capabilities of a software package, but if you have specific needs they are likely to deal with those in the broadbrush way and deal with a lot of extra things that you don't want

We do not run this type of course, as there are already a number of training organisations with the facilities to provide this in a cost effective manner.




Bespoke 1 to 1 Training

This is the area in which we excel.  The training provided is specific to the needs of the individual, and can range from very basic knowledge through to expert level.

You decide what you want to be able to do with the software, we show you how to do it.  The advantage is that because you want to learn the techniques, they will be remembered through use. 

You get full value for your time investment as details of the specific activities you require are taught.

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Training in the use of the software packages on my computer
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