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Computers are tools, just like pencils, pens, paper, photocopiers etc. They are tools to help you waste less time and to improve your productivity. Unless the use of IT does this, it is not worth the investment. There are many areas where IT COULD help your business, but only an analysis of your current practices and a cost justification of IT use can show whether there would be benefit in investing in IT. Computers are good at many things. They work a lot faster than we do, never forget anything and cam store and retrieve vast amounts of information. They are very good at automating repetitive tasks, but they canít think for themselves. If you send out lots of similar letters, then perhaps a word processor with mail merge capability would be a benefit. Perhaps e-mails would be a more cost effective solution to letters. Computer based information storage could be more efficient than having banks of filing cabinets stuffed with paper.


Nothing is cast in stone. There are many uses of IT that could benefit your business, but every business is different. The only means of providing benefits is to look closely at your existing business and the way it runs. To set that against the use of IT and produce a cost benefit analysis. We can help you to look at your current working practices, and advise on those that would benefit from computerisation, and also provide a specification and budget costing for the equipment you would require. If you are uncertain whether computers can improve your business, contact us and let us help you decide.

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