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Many companies are prepared to embrace the concepts of computer usage, or are ready to develop their use further, but don’t know where to turn for assistance in getting the correct solution.

The start point is ‘What do I want my computer system to do for me.’  From the answers to this question come the solutions.  This means that you drive the process, because it is aimed at satisfying your needs as an individual or as a business.

Many computer systems and software are sold ‘because it is the thing to have’, or because’ this package will solve your problems’, only for the user to find that it doesn’t do what they wanted.  Hardly surprising, as all salespeople are interested in shifting their product, and as long as it does most of what is required, it will be OK.


KCA Marketing are independent.  We have no ties to manufacturers, so we can provide impartial advice on the suitability of hardware and software for your use.  We look at your needs and aspirations, both short and long term, and provide solutions that will help do drive your business forward.

I want/NEED either personally or for my
To know how to improve my business through the use of IT
Training in the use of the software packages on my computer
To know how to use my computer

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