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To know what benefit a web site would give me

This is a question that it is very difficult to answer without knowing more about your company and products.

What we can say though is that  a poorly designed and executed web site can do you a lot of harm.  People expect the Internet to be immediate, they will not wait a long time for fancy graphics etc to load onto their computer.  There are so many sites on the Internet, that rather than wait, people will go elsewhere.

If your site isn’t adequately registered with the search engines, and this isn’t kept up to date , people won’t be able to find you, and the investment in the site will have been wasted.

Spelling mistakes and misuse of grammar can destroy the image built up over years by a company.  A web site is a promotional tool, just like a brochure.  Proof checking should be second nature, and the content should also reflect the company image, and not just be there to make up space.

This is one area where Ken Cooper Associates can help.  We can help you to design the feel and content of your web site, or make constructive comment on an existing site, helping to make your web site something to be proud of, something that will benefit your company.

I want/NEED either personally or for my
A web site
To know whether a web site would benefit my business
To know what benefit a web site would give me








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